Hydration+ Glowing

Treatment : 1 hour 45 mins


Introducing our Dazzling Spirulina Treatment, the ultimate solution for those seeking instant hydration and a radiant, glowing complexion. This luxurious treatment is designed to cater to all skin types, from young to mature, and is packed with powerful ingredients that nourish, soothe, and rejuvenate the skin. With our unique blend of Spirulina, a potent superfood, and other key ingredients, your skin will be left feeling revitalized and looking its best. Indulge in this glamorous treatment and experience the benefits of healthy, hydrated, and dynamic skin.




Indulge in the ultimate skincare experience with our Dazzling Spirulina Treatment. This advanced facial treatment is specifically designed to provide instant hydration, soothe sensitive redness conditions, and give your skin an immediate glow and radiance. With a unique blend of high-quality ingredients, this treatment is perfect for anyone looking to achieve healthy, hydrated, and dynamic skin.

Instant Hydration

The Dazzling Spirulina Treatment provides instant hydration to your skin, leaving it feeling plump, soft, and smooth. This is essential for maintaining healthy and youthful-looking skin.

Soothes Sensitive Redness Conditions

If you suffer from sensitive skin that is prone to redness, this treatment is perfect for you. It contains powerful ingredients that help to soothe and calm your skin, reducing redness and irritation.

Instant Glow and Radiance

The Dazzling Spirulina Treatment will leave your skin with an instant glow and radiance, making it look and feel healthy, vibrant, and youthful.

"Our Dazzling Spirulina Treatment is packed with powerful and effective ingredients that are specifically chosen to support and treat young to matured skin needs. This facial treatment is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve healthy, hydrated, and radiant skin"


Treatment | Our 10 Gelden Steps:

Treatment : 1 hour 45 mins

Skikn Analysis1

Personal Consultation

At our salon, we believe that every individual’s skin is unique and requires a personalized approach to achieve optimal results. That’s why we begin every facial treatment with a comprehensive personal consultation and skin analysis. During the consultation, our experienced estheticians will take the time to understand your skin concerns, preferences, and goals. We’ll ask you about your current skincare routine, any specific concerns you may have, and your lifestyle factors that may affect your skin, such as diet and stress levels. Next, we’ll perform a thorough skin analysis using specialized tools and techniques. We’ll examine your skin’s texture, tone, moisture level, and any visible signs of aging or damage. Based on our findings, we’ll recommend a customized facial treatment that addresses your unique skin concerns.

At our salon, we believe that every individual’s skin is unique and requires a personalized approach to achieve optimal results. That’s why we begin every facial treatment with a comprehensive personal consultation and skin analysis.

During the consultation, our experienced estheticians will take the time to understand your skin concerns, preferences, and goals. We’ll ask you about your current skincare routine, any specific concerns you may have, and your lifestyle factors that may affect your skin, such as diet and stress levels. Next, we’ll perform a thorough skin analysis using specialized tools and techniques. We’ll examine your skin’s texture, tone, moisture level, and any visible signs of aging or damage. Based on our findings, we’ll recommend a customized facial treatment that addresses your unique skin concerns.

Step 2 :


We apply a rich cleansing milk to gently remove dirt and sebum, followed by a cleansing gel to purify and prepare the skin for better absorption of the treatment.

Step 3 :

Double Cleanse

Next, begins with a luxurious pre-cleansing ritual to remove any makeup or impurities on the skin’s surface, leaving it ready for deep hydration.

Step 4:

Illuminating Exfoliating Scrub

A gentle exfoliating scrub is used to slough away dead skin cells, revealing a radiant, glowing complexion and priming the skin for maximum product penetration.

Step 5 :

Magic Touch Extractions

Extractions and eyebrow shaping are performed to ensure a clear and polished complexion, adding to the overall glamour of the treatment.

Step 6 :

Calming Sensitive Tonic

A luxurious, hydrating toner is applied to soothe and nourish the skin, improving its ability to absorb the treatment’s active ingredients.

Step 7:

Crystal Ball Rolling Massage

Our skilled estheticians use crystal rollers to perform a relaxing facial massage that eliminates sensitivity and promotes a sense of deep relaxation.

Step 8 :

Spirulina Mask

The star of the treatment is our ultra-hydrating spirulina mask, which instantly restores hydration, soothes redness, and delivers a radiant, healthy glow.

Step 9 :

Relaxing Massage

A deep tissue shoulder massage is performed to release tension and promote relaxation, while the massage oil strengthens the skin’s natural barrier for added glamour.

Step 10:

Hydrating Moisturizer and SPF 50

To finish the treatment, we apply a luxurious hydrating moisturizer that restores the skin’s natural moisture balance, followed by SPF 50 to protect against UV damage and keep your skin looking glamorous all day long.

"If you're looking for an advanced facial treatment that provides instant hydration, soothes sensitive redness conditions, and gives your skin an instant glow and radiance, the Dazzling Spirulina Treatment is the perfect choice for you. Book your appointment today and get ready to indulge in the ultimate skincare experience."


Review | Our Clients

Babahan JorakulyyevBabahan Jorakulyyev
13:42 13 Oct 23
The beautician Elanie is helpful and kind. She recommended packages and care products and that suits my skin, even gave me the samples to try and she was not pushy. I really enjoyed with the session.
11:37 27 Sep 23
The beautician, Janice was very kind and helpful. They will recommend packages that suit your skin, but not pushy. All in all, a very pleasant experience!
Cynthia SilvaCynthia Silva
07:35 27 Sep 23
Good, comfortable amenities and the facials here are really effective. Good customer service as well; Elaine is highly skilled & super friendly too.
Xiang Yin NgXiang Yin Ng
11:24 23 Jul 23
Had a good facial experience here. Elaine is very detailed and professional. She examined my skin and explained it clearly.Overall, the experience is very good.
Rachel NRachel N
07:49 20 Jul 23
Been coming to this facial for a few months now and I absolutely love the service here! This is definitely my go-to place for getting a nice facial and I always go to Elaine! Highly recommended!
Kar Yin MahKar Yin Mah
06:26 12 Jul 23
First time experienced was great, warm hospitality, consultation was conduct professionally, skillful therapist, overall was great. Worth to visit.
Natalie WongNatalie Wong
10:10 09 Jul 23
I’ve been attending sense to sense for 2 years and the service here remains the best. They truly handle everything with care and you can entrust them with your face. Every staff here is friendly and helpful, if you’re searching for a place to start on your beauty skin journey, here’s the place to be. 10/10 would recommend. My go to beautician is Elaine ❤️
Victor LingVictor Ling
11:13 04 Jul 23
Sense To Sense Taipan is based in USJ10 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan . The unique interior design of this shop is clean and fresh. Sense To Sense is a beauty facial saloon company and it famous for their Dalton products from Germany. I had never expected to write a review here , however I had to share my good experience with all of you. My first visit was on July 2020 . My skin had been improve a lot for the past 3 years . Their Dalton products from Germany is a must to try which are Facial Cleanser and Oyster Cream. The price range from Rm100 - Rm300 depending on the size of the products. Sense To Sense USJ Taipan staff are very committed in every service they provide include emphasize customer acne and sensitive skin problem. Last but not least, you can try to make and I highly recommend one of their beautifican staff name : ELAINE
YihHuan LorYihHuan Lor
08:14 21 Jun 23
Elaine is friendly and cool to talk to. Their facial skill and product ard good, baby skin next day after visit.
Shaun LeeShaun Lee
02:21 18 Jun 23
Did facial here 2 days back. I was handled by Elaine. The session with her was nice, soothing and relaxing. She is friendly as well. She lets you know the process ahead that she is about to apply this cream, lotion, mask or executing extraction. Massage was longer than normal out there. I am grateful Elaine took care of my skin well. Face was baby smooth upon completing the treatment. I enjoyed my session. Thank you Elaine!
Juinn TanJuinn Tan
15:50 26 May 23
Writing this after my 3rd session with Vivian and Szu Sze and I cannot be happier! They really mean it when they say painless extraction and the treatments have been very helpful for my sensitive skin. I have been avoiding facials for many years because I never liked leaving with a red and inflamed face from the extraction but decided to give Sense to Sense a try and I do not regret it at all. The staff are all very friendly and warm, the space is clean and simple and products are all very gentle but effective. Can't wait for my next session 😍
sarah yangsarah yang
09:22 01 Mar 23
I really like doing facial treatments at sense to sense. The environment makes me feel relaxed and comfortable. The beautician's technique is very professional, and the explanation is very detailed. After the treatment, I really feel very effective. I had a treatment at the USJ branch before and it was great, but it was a bit far away. Now that there is a branch in Uptown, it is more convenient for me. After the treatment, I have already made an appointment for the next time.
11:09 09 Jan 23
First time trial here, also my first facial. Very good services, friendly staff, and good products services. Satisfied with my skin treatment, getto know what's my skin type/problems by using machines.
Shan LeeShan Lee
08:16 17 Dec 22
It's comfortable and clean place.make you really relax here.Elaine is very friendly, professional & thoughtful.I love her facial and massage. She always explain what is the next step and check with you everything OK.Vivian also very friendly. Always warm welcomed me feel like home
08:32 12 Dec 22
Top notch service from everyone in Sense to Sense, very friendly and beauticians explain the treatments in detail. Good products, and my skin has improved so much ever since.
Kuhan GopalKuhan Gopal
10:02 06 Nov 22
Very worthy promotion.I have dry skin and after the treatment it's amazing. You are in good hands with Elaine.
Emily TangEmily Tang
00:46 13 Oct 22
I truly love the treatments here and the products are very good and effective. My skin is very sensitive so I totally love it that the skincare and products they use are all from natural ingredients. All therapists well trained and professional. Massages that comes with the treatment are so relaxing. Truly an awesome plan to pamper yourself. 👍🏽
zoquip chinzoquip chin
03:34 19 Jan 21
This was a fabulous experience with Sense to sense, the environment is great and clean, staff service is excellent and the best facial service I had ever. I like the Dalton Magical Effect Beauty Mask, highlight recommended you to experience your treatment here! defiantly will come again !!
Nursufya YacobNursufya Yacob
14:32 17 Nov 23
I centre is clean and comfortable. Angie is competent, I am happy with the treatment she provided. My son also enjoy his facial session there with Angie.
Lee Chai YanLee Chai Yan
13:23 16 Nov 23
Came here to try their trial promo facial. The staffs are professional and customize the facial based on skin concern. Place is very clean and nice. Facial was great and the best was the extraction process is the most painless I ever experienced. They are always punctual to start the treatment and I never have to wait when I reach.
Khor Kai XuanKhor Kai Xuan
13:39 19 Oct 23
The service was really good and the staff are friendly with good manners and patient. The environment in the centre is great too, make you feel comfortable and relax. The process of waxing was awesome, the staff will inform if have any concerns. Strongly recommended for everyone to try especially first timer 😁
choco whitychoco whity
02:58 12 Oct 23
Loved their facial treatment are really suitable and nice to my skin. The service of the staff is very comfortable and kind. All good✨🫶🏻
Shi Teng LiawShi Teng Liaw
15:31 03 Oct 23
I had a splendid bright treatment at sense to sense today. The blackheads and acne are obviously gone. The squeeze is very clean and the skin condition is very good. The massage is also very comfortable. The beautician who served me today is called Zoe. She is very friendly. I highly recommend it.
Donovan LimDonovan Lim
15:01 03 Oct 23
I had my blackhead and acne treatment done at sense to sense today and I found it to be very clean. Most importantly, the squeezing process was not painful at all. The environment was very comfortable. The beautician was also very patient and polite in explaining my skin condition.
Puteri KamilahPuteri Kamilah
05:03 16 Sep 23
Great first experience, especially with the no-pain extraction. Staff are quite informative and well-trained so the experience was more memorable. Would definitely consider coming again in the future.
kay ghemkay ghem
04:55 10 Sep 23
I'm grateful for choosing Sense to Sense. I had my very first ever facial treatment. I must say the level of professionalism really good! Very accommodating to client's needs. I'm definitely going back to Sense to Sense for my next facial treatment✨
Esther CHANEsther CHAN
02:08 07 Aug 23
I had my very first Hydra Boost facial treatment at Sense To Sense and it was truly awesome! The esthetician, Anjoe was friendly and knowledgeable not to mention her skillfullness and most importantly, the extraction was painless! The products used was very refreshing and my skin felt plumped up and hydrated after the facial. Will definitely recommend this place to anyone who needs to pamper their skins.
louise xinlouise xin
10:07 26 Jul 23
Did my first ever facial experience here today.Ms. Anjoe service was excellent with very detailed introduction on services & skin solution! Treatment were very gentle and comfortable!
Hein Yee ChengHein Yee Cheng
05:28 08 Jul 23
I had my first facial with Sense to Sense last month and it is only one of many to come! The level of professionalism held by them are superb (not painful on pore extraction). They made me feel comfortable and check on my skin condition before the service. It was my second visit today and they recommended me with suitable type of facial based on my skin condition. Excellent experience indeed!
Shindy XinyiShindy Xinyi
05:18 30 Jun 23
Very professional and friendly staff. I love the whole facial process. It is very relaxing while doing shoulder massage and face massage. Recommended!
christie chinchristie chin
10:42 25 Jun 23
I had the pleasure of experiencing a truly comfortable facial treatment at sense to sense today. Anjoe and trainer were friendly and knowledgeable, the treatment left my skin feeling refreshed and radiant, and the overall ambiance was calming and luxurious. Highly recommended.
Sten HoSten Ho
03:46 17 May 23
It is such a silent and good place to have a facial treatment. The staff is helpful on the enquiry and patient to answer and providing the good servicing.
Kong SuggyKong Suggy
06:28 13 Mar 23
I recently had a Dazzling Skin Hydra treatment at this Sense To Swnse and it was truly amazing! The staff was friendly and welcoming, and the atmosphere was peaceful and calming. The esthetician was knowledgeable and skillful, customizing the treatment to address my specific skin concerns. The products used were high-quality and left my skin looking and feeling refreshed, hydrated, and radiant. Overall, I highly recommend this facial treatment to anyone looking for a pampering and rejuvenating experience!And I can't wait to book my next appointment!
Mei YenMei Yen
09:37 06 Mar 23
I had my beautician Anjoe today, my package was facial+eye treatment plus shoulder massage. Overall she is the BEST massager and do the treatment. I feel so relaxed❤️ THANKS again ANJOE!
Lin ChiaLin Chia
14:35 01 Mar 23
Nice environment and friendly staff. Esthetician were very informative and gentle. They also adds a very nice massage to the shoulders and neck makes you feel very relaxed and pampered.Highly recommend👍🏽
Joanne Chung Pui YanJoanne Chung Pui Yan
04:12 03 Jan 23
Nice environment, friendly staff. Very enjoy during my facial, after facial I feel my skin fresh and clean, products very good to absorb and good texture .
Mei Jun LinMei Jun Lin
04:49 26 Dec 22
Excellent massage by Weinnie. i feel refreshed after the facial. and my face has brightened up quite a bit.
Chan Miu LingChan Miu Ling
05:41 02 Dec 22
It's a beautiful and comfortable environment, and beauticians are experienced. My consultant Weinnie explain the knowledge about my skin situation to me, so that I can know more about my skin condition and she also plan a course of treatment that suits me. I highly recommend It ❤❤
Trixie Lee Szu SzeTrixie Lee Szu Sze
03:43 26 Oct 22
Can't wait for your new outlet to open!

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